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Fireco Webinars

We usually offer our fire safety talks in person, however, with so many people working from home we didn’t want our customers to miss out.

Fireco team members and industry guests speakers will be hosting weekly webinars to keep you informed on some of the hot topics in the fire industry:

From the lab - A view of the future

Wednesday 3rd June 12pm

Fireco’s Drew Hoggatt

Join Fireco’s Drew Hoggatt for a one-off webinar. Drew will offer an exclusive look into Fireco’s future product releases and give an overview of new features for our existing products.


  • Sneak peek of new product ProHub
  • New features for DMS explained

When is a Fire Alarm not a Fire Alarm?

Every Tuesday 11am

This webinar focuses on what businesses can do to keep hearing impaired customers safe from fire.

  • How effective is a fire alarm if it can’t be heard?
  • What are businesses currently doing to meet the needs of the hearing impaired?
  • What are the options for ensuring that your fire alert system is inclusive of everyone?

Wireless Hold Open Devices for Fire Doors

Every Thursday 11am

This webinar goes into detail about how wireless devices can be used safely.

  • What is safer: Wireless or hard-wired?
  • True or false? Wireless myths
  • What do the regulations say?

CPD accredited course

Webinars hosted by Google Hangouts Meet.

Are you interested in joining in on our webinars?

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