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Creating a safe and empowering environment at Tolworth School


   Site overview

    Sector: Education

    Business: School & Sixth form academy

    Details: Recent expansion

    Product: DMS


Tolworth Girls’ School & Sixth Form is an academy school based in Surrey and teaches girls aged 11-18 and boys in the Sixth Form. There are approximately 1300 students who are enrolled and there has been a recent expansion to the building which includes a theatre and cafe. 

Relying on others

Director of Resources, Andy Hetherington came to Fireco because he needed help finding a product that would be suitable for people who have hearing impairments. He explained “Being profoundly deaf I was unable to hear the fire alarm”, he also added that other members of staff and some of the students are hard of hearing. This meant that the existing fire alarm system was not effective, as they wouldn’t know if the alarm was sounding. “We had no system in place before DMS. If the fire alarm went off I would rely on people coming to my office to tell me.”

Finding a new system

Andy carried out some research on emergency alert systems that are suitable for people who are deaf and found that DMS (Digital Message Service) was “the only product that ticked the boxes as it was able to send SMS messages upon alarm activation”. 

DMS is a mass notification system that can send emergency alerts through text, email and voice messages. The messages will be sent to subscribers of the service regardless of whether they on the premises or not.

An effective solution for all

Not only is DMS an effective and inclusive way of communicating an emergency, but it also allows fires to be dealt with more efficiently because all staff will be notified even if they are off-site. Andy says “It works well for my premises staff, all of who subscribe to this and can react to a fire alarm even when off-site. They can log in to our external portal to check the CCTV  monitors and can then respond from there”.

“I would absolutely recommend Fireco without any hesitation, my experience with them has been very good!”

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