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A safe and open atmosphere for staff and children


   Site overview

    Sector: Education

    Business: Private Nursery

    Details: Grade II listed building

    Number of doors: 9

    Product: Freedor


The Home Nursery in Boston provides private childcare from ages 6 weeks to 11 years. They work alongside the local school to offer after-school club and school holiday cover. Over 100 children can pass through the nursery every day. Meaning that the environment can be extremely busy with children, staff and parents.

Struggling to meet everyone’s needs

They operate from a Grade 2 listed building, spread over multiple floors. After 3 years of the business running, they decided to expand into the neighbouring house. The new part of the building had two staircases but the old part of the building only had one staircase, which was a big concern. Vicky Wilson, Managing Director, contacted a fire risk assessor during the expansion as the fire safety needed to be improved. “We had to come up with fire plans that would be suitable, and the local council and building control would be happy with”. Their fire risk assessor knew about Fireco and recommended that Vicky should consider getting some Freedor installed. 

After the building control team and her local council had agreed that Freedor was a suitable option, Vicky started doing some research. She contacted Fireco to arrange a site visit and had 9 doors fitted with Freedor.

An open door policy

Heavy fire doors across the nursery were seen as problematic for Vicky. She explained: “For us, it’s very much about having an open door policy, your system works well for us because it means we can keep those doors open”. Having an open door policy creates a welcoming atmosphere for all children. It also acts as a safeguard for staff and children because no one will be left on their own at any one time- everyone is in sight because the doors are open. Having Freedor seemed like an especially safe option compared to others on the market, because its at the top of the doors and out of reach from children.

Easy maintenance

All the staff at The Home Nursery understand how Freedor works and how to use and reset the device. Vicky loves how user-friendly the products are and explained: “I have confidence in managing them myself”. However, “it’s knowing there’s always someone on the end of the phone” that gives her peace of mind if she did need help.

“It’s nice to deal with a company where there is actually someone to talk to…the support at the other end has made the difference”.

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