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The chicken and the wheelie bin

I used to be quite calm about door wedges before I worked at Fireco. Even on fire doors. In hotels, solicitors’ offices, doctors’ surgeries, schools, universities, factories, communal areas in blocks of flats, village halls – in any place you can think of, the door wedge rules. It’s cheap, it’s effective and it’s lethal.

So calm was I that I never noticed them. It seems that I was typical of most of the world’s population. When the fire door is in the way, you wedge it open. Obvious, really.

Fire doors can indeed be a nuisance anywhere where people want access. Guests in hotels with heavy suitcases get stuck between fire doors like wasps in jam jars. Trays of nibbles at corporate events are sent flying by them. Residents in care homes are too weak to push through them and become isolated. Students in halls of residence are frequently injured by them.

So, it can be difficult to accept that a properly used fire door is a vital lifesaver. Even the simplest risk assessment anywhere with fire doors with the slightest human traffic will identify a wedge as a very significant risk. Clearly, compliance is a problem and there are serious repercussions if you do nothing. Such fire safety breaches are viewed gravely by the courts which hand out prison sentences to serious offenders.

Fire doors can cause problems for students

You can retain fire doors electrically, but it can be expensive and difficult to chase cables back through to the fire panel. At Fireco, we exist to make compliance easy, so we have safe, legal and simple solutions to this problem.

We have got rid of the wires by making battery operated systems. Over six hundred thousand Dorgards have been sold in the UK. The problem is, that with 30 million fire doors in the UK alone, I still encounter a lot of dangerously wedged doors when out on my travels. Now I know how easy it is to be compliant and how dangerous they are, each wedged door leaves me as calm as a chicken stuck in a wheelie bin.

We are on a mission to make compliance even easier with the new Dorgard Pro.  It hears the sound of the fire alarm accurately without being falsely triggered by children, drills and vacuum cleaners. Its battery life is being extended to five years, lasting as long as the fire door itself in some cases. It is being made more rugged and hard wearing. It can also communicate by radio to a central point where you can monitor all your Dorgards to check that they are working. So if you already benefit from Dorgard, call us to find out how we will make compliance even easier.

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