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The benefits of buying from a UK manufacturer

Did you know that all Fireco products are designed, engineered, and manufactured within the same building based in the UK? It’s not often a company can say that their whole business operations run under one roof!

From the installer of the product to the end-user, there are many people that can benefit from using a company that manufactures in the UK. It can also benefit the UK as a whole.


Benefits to installers and customers:

  • Delivery

UK customers buying products from a UK business will benefit from a lower shipping rate, a quicker delivery time and will avoid import taxes, as opposed to ordering from outside the UK.

  • Efficient services

If you were to come across any problems with your products, needed technical assistance or wanted product maintenance, it is much easier to get in contact with the company and get the assistance you need. 

Benefits to the UK:

  • Sustainable

Ordering items that are made and transported in the UK will reduce carbon emissions. This is particularly valuable at the current time due to the potential climate emergency.

  • Employment

Running the whole business from the UK creates jobs and manufacturing as a whole employs around 2.7 million people in the UK alone¹.

  • Supporting the economy

Manufacturing exports bring in around £275 billion to the UK, it also brings in investment interest and employment opportunities, all of which contribute to the UK’s economy¹.


With Brexit around the corner, there is a lot of uncertainty around trading deals between the UK and other countries. Now is a better time than ever to commit to buying products made in the UK.

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