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Fire safety in the local authority sector 

Fireco solutions are commonly used within the local authority sector

We have solutions that can help with:

  • Providing easy access for sheltered accommodation residents
  • Dangerous wedged open fire doors
  • Minimising risk of injury from heavy doors closing too quickly
  • Mass notification in the event of an emergency
  • Improving access for staff and visitors
  • Compliance with fire regulations

Fireco products in Local Authority settings

Why is compartmentation so important?

It takes seconds for a fire to spread through a hole the size of a pen nib. Compartmentation is a way to keep a fire contained in one place, preventing fire and smoke from spreading quickly and taking over the building.

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The smarter way to hold fire doors open

Dorgard SmartSound™ is the latest addition to the Fireco product range. Keep your fire doors open legally, safe in the knowledge that Dorgard SmartSound will automatically enable them to close if a fire alarm sounds.

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