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Fire safety in the local authority sector 

Fireco solutions are commonly used within the local authority sector

We have solutions that can help with:

  • Providing easy access for sheltered accommodation residents
  • Dangerous wedged open fire doors
  • Minimising risk of injury from heavy doors closing too quickly
  • Mass notification in the event of an emergency
  • Improving access for staff and visitors
  • Compliance with fire regulations

Fireco products in Local Authority settings

The smarter way to hold fire doors open

Dorgard SmartSound™ is the latest addition to the Fireco product range. Keep your fire doors open legally, safe in the knowledge that Dorgard SmartSound will automatically enable them to close if a fire alarm sounds.

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Silent evacuation of a care home

Evacuating a care home has its own unique challenges. Elderly residents could be bedbound, suffering from dementia, hard of hearing, or unable to move without assistance. Added to this is the distress that a loud fire alarm can cause to vulnerable residents.

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