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Fire safety in Education

How can we help with fire safety in the
education sector?

Whether you work in a school, college, university or other place of education, we’re here to make compliance easy. We can tailor a system that is suitable for your building needs, with a solution for every budget.

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  • Better access

Our products can improve access making it easier to move children, staff and goods throughout your building. Removing issues with heavy fire doors will be empowering to building users who are disabled or have mobility problems.

  • Reduce the wear and tear of doors

With high people traffic, doors can easily be damaged. Holding the doors open can minimise maintenance checks and costs.

  • Create an open door policy

Our products will hold your fire doors open safely and legally so there will be no need to worry about doors being wedged open!

  • Ventilation

Being able to keep your doors open will promote better airflow throughout the building, making a fresher and cooler environment for children and staff.

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  • Compliance and inclusivity

Our products will help you comply with the Equality Act and promote an inclusive environment, for example, being able to communicate a fire alarm to someone who is deaf.

  • Ventilation

Being able to keep your fire doors open allows for air to flow through the building, creating a fresh and cool environment for staff and students.

  • Improve safety

With university halls being 7x more likely to have a fire, it is essential that all fire doors are closed to stop the spread of smoke and flames. Our products will allow students to keep their doors open but ensure they are closed when the alarm sounds.

  • Take control of your building

Our systems can help you to monitor the safety and security of your building and send you an alert if an alarm goes off. 


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University of Sussex - DMS
Each Peach Childcare- Dorgard Pro

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