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Hospital home rescues residents from heavy doors

“We can now walk around the busy areas without having to open and shut heavy fire doors and we’re still complying with regulations.”

The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home

The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home (QAHH) provides specialist nursing care and rehabilitation for ex-Servicemen and women. QAHH allows residents to live as independently as possible in a comfortable environment and has 60 beds for both long and short-term care.

The problem

The staff at QAHH were struggling with heavy fire doors, which caused access problems. Andy Hastings, a Manager at Queen Alexandra Hospital Home, said: “The corridors and entrances to the kitchens with trolleys going in and out are very busy. We found the staff were wedging open the fire doors as they were an inconvenience when shut.”

The solution

After some research, staff approached Fireco for a solution. Andy said: “We needed a product that would keep our fire doors open and stay compliant. We got in touch with Fireco and requested more information on Dorgard as it fit our requirements. We’ve since installed Dorgard in the corridors, offices and on one of the doors leading into the kitchen.”

Dorgard is a wireless, fire door retainer which holds fire doors open. The unit continually listens for the sound of the alarm and once verified, will release the door to close.

The outcome

  • Greater accessibility for all staff throughout the home
  • Fully compliant with regulations
  • Improved safety

Andy said: “Since installing Dorgard, the staff have seen a big improvement in accessibility. Everyone can walk through the building freely without the obstruction of heavy fire doors.”

“You just install the unit at the bottom of the door, put the batteries in and you’re good to go. There’s no wiring involved, it’s brilliant. We can now walk around the busy areas without having to open and shut heavy fire doors and we’re still complying with regulations. If the alarm goes off, the doors automatically close.

“I definitely recommend Fireco. We receive a friendly, professional service and there is always help if we need it. When we order the products, it’s a smooth service — simple and straightforward.”

Fireco has solutions to hold fire doors open legally and safely
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