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Care Home Extinguishes Threat of Fire

 “If we hadn’t had Dorgard, the consequences would have been unthinkable.”

Summerlands Care Home

Summerlands Care Home, located in Southsea, Hampshire, provides care and support for its 23 residents living with learning disabilities and mobility issues. The Summerlands’ team is proud of its supportive, attentive and comfortable environment.

Swift and easy evacuation

Elysia Fung, Deputy Manager of Summerlands, said: “A fire had started unexpectedly in our tumble dryer in the laundry room. As soon as the alarm sounded, our staff went round and started the evacuation process.”

The fire doors had been fitted with Dorgard so automatically were released to close when the alarm sounded, leaving the fire and smoke contained in the laundry room. This gave precious time for the residents to be evacuated to safety. Elysia said: “We have a reciprocal arrangement with a care home close by, so when we evacuated we took the residents to the other care home. Dorgard was invaluable as units were on the fire doors directly near to where the fire started. Our residents didn’t inhale any smoke when being evacuated, so no one was harmed.”

Dorgard ‘makes life much easier’

Elysia also spoke of the additional benefits of Dorgard: “It’s a good fit for our client group, particularly in regard to safety and access. Our residents spend the majority of the day in the lounge and dining room, so keeping the doors open in these areas with Dorgard makes life much easier.”

The outcome

  • Summerlands saved residents’ lives as they had the correct preventative measures in place
  • Dorgard continues to provide easy access and keep the home safe in case of emergency
  • No lasting damage to the home, due to Dorgard preventing the spread of fire.

Summerlands Care Home made sure it had the correct precautions in place, saving the lives of their residents and the home itself. Elysia continued: “If we hadn’t had Dorgard, the consequences would have been unthinkable. It would have been a whole different story. We would have had smoke throughout the building, making it difficult to evacuate safely.”

Dorgard absolutely helped the situation. They’re reliable and do what they are supposed to — release the doors to close when the alarm sounds and keep our residents safe in an emergency. Dorgard provides peace of mind and we would definitely recommend it.”

“The customer service from Fireco has been excellent, they’ve answered all of our queries promptly. We are extremely pleased.”

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