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Open Space at Southpoint Serviced Offices

“Dorgard is inexpensive, reliable and we’re compliant with fire regulations.”

Southpoint Serviced Offices

Southpoint Serviced Offices is a two-storey building in Lowfield Heath next to Gatwick Airport. Per Bertelsen, who manages the building, found that the fire doors to the kitchens were becoming an issue.

Fire doors were causing problems

Per said: “The tenants kept pinning the doors back with wedges. When we had our fire check, they said that this was an issue. To try and resolve this problem we removed the wedges, but tenants would just find something else to prop the door open with.”

After seeing how obstructive the fire doors were, there was an obvious need for something that would allow for easier access. Per said: “One of the kitchens is so small, it was restrictive for people to move. It was hard to open the door when someone was in there as the door would block them.”

Looking for a solution

“It was difficult to open the door when carrying cups and plates. And people prefer to have an open space as it is a much more pleasant environment.”

“Someone mentioned Dorgard as a possible solution. I ordered the product, it was delivered in two days and we solved the problem in less than a week.”

Wireless Dorgard easy to install

The fact that Dorgard is wireless was an additional benefit: “If you’re trying to link a door to an alarm, you have to run cables through and that’s expensive. My guy just had to screw it to the door and we were ready to go. Dorgard is inexpensive, reliable and we’re compliant with fire regulations.”

“The Fireco customer service is excellent. Dorgard gives me peace of mind that the building is compliant with fire regulations.”
Fireco has solutions to hold fire doors open legally and safely

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