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No more heavy doors at Sarova Hotels

 “There is no need for anyone to prop the doors open as they just open freely without any struggle.”

Sarova Hotels

The Abbey is situated in the heart of the Great Malvern countryside. The hotel is committed to offering excellent service in a relaxed setting and features 103 luxurious bedrooms.

The Abbey is part of the four-star Sarova Hotels group which also includes the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel & Spa in Windsor and The Rembrandt in Knightsbridge.

The problem

Duncan Grey, General Manager at The Abbey, found that staff and guests were finding the fire doors obstructive, particularly during conferences and events.

Duncan said: “We had to leave our fire doors closed which made things difficult when we had a large number of guests walking through as they had to push open heavy doors. We found people were starting to wedge or prop the doors open as it was easier.”

The solution

Duncan looked for a product that could keep the fire doors open to make access easier for their guests. “We needed something so people could come and go as they pleased, without worrying about the door closing on them constantly.”

Fireco recommended Freedor, a hold-open fire door retainer, and The Abbey had three installed on their function room doors.

The outcome

  • Easy access for staff and guests
  • Fire doors are no longer an obstruction
  • No more worries about fire doors being wedged open.

Freedor fit the needs of the hotel by providing greater access. Duncan said: “We had Freedor fitted purely for guest care. There is no need for anyone to prop the doors open as they just open freely without any struggle. Unlike other door closers we looked at, we can leave the door open in any position rather than clipped to a magnet, and there was no installation issues as Freedor is wireless.”

Duncan said: “The units were fitted very quickly and easily with no disruption or mess. We’ve had no problems with the product — the service from Fireco is very good, and they always respond quickly to any enquiry I have. Highly recommended.”

Fireco has solutions to hold fire doors open legally and safely

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