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Hospital fully compliant with Dorgard Pro


“Dorgard Pro is quick to install, cost effective and does the exact same job as a hard-wired system in a much simpler way.”


Montefiore Hospital

HTM 05-02 is a guidance document for fire safety in the design of healthcare premises. It is commonly used in hospitals as their bible for fire safety. Codrut Miclea, maintenance engineer for the Montefiore Hospital in Hove, explains further:

“As a healthcare business we are guided by the Healthcare Technical Memorandums. Whether it is fire safety, decontamination, air, water — everything is regulated by the HTMs.”

Safety and cleanliness are critical in hospitals, therefore their rules are more stringent than in other buildings. They are also very busy, with staff having to rush around with equipment, or to attend to emergencies. Closed heavy fire doors can cause difficulties.

Codrut said: “We had an issue with some of the fire doors in the hospital. Most of the time they were nothing but a nuisance for staff at the hospital. They would get in the way for people pushing a trolley or bed.

“People wanted the doors to the storerooms held open as they were inconvenient, particularly for people carrying a heavy load. So staff used to prop them open, which is against regulations.

“Another problem with the doors was the amount of damage they sustained by being pushed open so often, particularly when trolleys were involved. It’s not a simple job to repair a fire door. Safety is vital, especially in the environment we’re in. We have to ensure fire doors are maintained by a company that is certified to do that sort of job. It’s quite costly.”

Codrut needed a simple solution to hold the doors open that would meet the requirements of HTM 05-02. When it comes to hold-open devices for fire doors, the memorandum is very specific about the type that can be used.

Under HTM 05-02 recommendations, fire door retainers must be linked to the fire detection and alarm system and must be fail-safe, i.e. in the event of a fault or loss of power, the release mechanism should be triggered automatically.

Codrut said: “We looked at the possibility of having the doors directly connected to the fire alarm system to hold them open but it was a very expensive job.

“It was also not practical as we’re a busy working hospital. All the building work would have caused too much disruption — it was impossible to have cable pulled through walls. We needed a simpler solution.”

Codrut had Dorgard Pro installed on a number of doors in the hospital, including two store rooms. Dorgard Pro holds fire doors open safely and legally, automatically releasing them to close when the fire alarm is activated.

It reacts to a radio signal from a Fireco Transmitter which can be connected to any fire alarm system. The Dorgard Pro door units are wireless and quick and easy to install onto the fire doors. The system meets all the requirements of HTM 05-02.

Codrut said: “Installing Dorgard Pro saved the hassle and expense of booking in engineers. As two of the doors were in the theatre department, a very busy part of the hospital, we would have needed to hire them to do the installation out of hours which would’ve been even more expensive.

“Dorgard Pro is the best solution for us. It is quick to install, cost effective and does the exact same job as a hard-wired system in a much simpler way.”

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