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Freedor improves safety at student accommodation

“Freedor helps us stay compliant and is a good safety precaution in case of a fire.”


Keble College

Keble College was founded in 1870 and is one of the largest colleges in Oxford. There are 650 students who attend the college and there are two main sites, the college itself and the Acland Hospital site.

The problem

Marie Ruffle, Maintenance Administrator at Keble College said: “We were refurbishing some of the bedrooms and we didn’t have any closers on the fire doors. We realised after reading through regulations that we needed a product that would keep the college compliant and safe in the event of a fire.”

The solution

Keble College started to look for a solution. Marie said: “Our maintenance manager did some research and we decided to call Fireco. We have 300 student bedrooms on our main site which each required a door closer to be fitted retrospectively.”

Fireco recommended Freedor, the overhead fire door closer which makes opening a fire door effortless. Freedor allows students to keep doors open at any angle while making sure the occupants stay safe. “Freedor works brilliantly. The doors can be kept open, and they automatically close when a fire alarm is activated.”

The outcome

  • Compliance with fire regulations
  • Correct safety precautions in the event of a fire.

Impressed by how reliable and safe Freedor is, Keble College has ordered more to be installed on bedrooms in the student holidays.

“Freedor works and we have since purchased approximately 200 more. It helps us stay compliant and is a good safety precaution in case of a fire. Installation is always problem-free and the units always work when we test them. On our main site, we have a refurbishment of around 20 of the rooms every year. We now always install Freedor onto the door.”

“Fireco’s customer service is excellent, and my questions are always answered promptly. I would recommend Fireco, and indeed we’ve shown other potential clients from residential facilities our Freedor units to show them how well they work.”

Fireco has solutions to hold fire doors open legally and safely
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