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DMS enables staff to react more quickly in an emergency

“DMS is a high-quality product. Compared to other systems we have used, this product is 100% reliable.”

The Hilton London Gatwick Airport

The Hilton London Gatwick Airport hotel has 820 bedrooms, 21 meeting rooms and a 24-hour gym. A busy hotel for travellers and business clients alike, it is ideally located minutes from the Gatwick Airport terminals and only 30 minutes from London.

The London Gatwick Hilton was the first hotel in the UK to use Digital Messaging Service (DMS) following a successful trial, making it a milestone achievement for the cost effective alternative to pagers.

The problem

The Hilton London Gatwick required a solution that would enable more efficient evacuation in an emergency. Glenn Bray, Maintenance Manager, said: “We always had to rely on contact from the hotel if there was an emergency when on-call. There are 820 bedrooms in this hotel, so if we have to fully evacuate there’s a lot to deal with.

“Contacting the relevant staff that were off-site to alert them of the situation was time-consuming, so we needed a solution that would allow us to act more quickly.”

The hotel also looked for a device to help deaf or hard of hearing guests. Glenn said: “We needed something that would give our deaf guests independence and more freedom without being intrusive.”

The solution

The hotel arranged installation of DMS, a fire alarm notification system that sends a bespoke text message to users automatically when a fire alarm sounds. DMS proved to be a useful and efficient way to alert staff and guests in an emergency.

Glenn said: “DMS works well for us as a backup system for all our managers. We all receive a text when the alarm activates, which is very important as it saves time in an emergency situation. It means we have more time to safely prepare for an evacuation.”

“Equally, it provides a vital service for those who are deaf or hard of hearing and staying at the hotel. It gives these guests peace of mind and independence to freely go where they please in the building, with the reassurance that they will be swiftly notified in an emergency.”

The outcome

  • Quicker reaction time for staff when the alarm sounds
  • Independence and reassurance for deaf and hard of hearing guests
  • Improved safety.

Glenn said: “DMS is a high-quality product. Compared to other systems we have used, this product is 100% reliable. And Fireco’s customer service is great.”

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