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Power cuts and the Pro Range

Approximately one million people were affected by the power cut on the 10th August 2019. Homes and businesses were left powerless, people travelling on trains were stranded and traffic lights were cut off, all the result of two power stations disconnecting.

What has this got to do with fire safety?

The main issue is, how will fire safety products work if there is nothing powering them?

  • Some products are battery powered, for example, wireless household fire alarms and so will not be affected by loss of mains power.
  • Some products may be controlled by mains power but have a battery backup pack for scenarios where the power isn’t working.
  • Products that depend on mains power to work will no longer function

Is Fireco’s Pro Range compliant during a power cut?

Fireco’s Pro Range consists of Dorgard Pro and Freedor Pro. Both products allow you to keep a fire door open safely and legally. The Transmitter is connected to the fire alarm panel so when the alarm is activated, will send a radio signal to allow all doors to close, stopping the spread of smoke and fire.

The Pro Range is designed to be the highest form of compliance (Category A/Critical). It has a built in fail-safe mechanism so when there is no power being sent to the Transmitter, all Pro products will automatically close the doors. This means the Pro Range will remain compliant, even during a power cut.

If you are concerned about how power loss may affect your fire safety then please speak to a member of our team on 01273 320650.

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