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Win a Dorgard SmartSound this Fire Door Safety Week

To support Fire Door Safety Week’s campaign to banish the dangerous fire door wedge forever, Fireco is giving away 10 Dorgard SmartSounds.

To be in with a chance of winning your free Dorgard SmartSound, tweet us pictures of any wedged open fire doors you’ve spotted. Enter as many times as you wish, and tweet the images to @Fireco using #ClickItKickIt

The #ClickItKickIt campaign asks people that have spotted a wedged open fire door to click it (take a picture) and then kick it (remove the wedge).

Don’t use Twitter? No problem. Just send us an email with your photo attached. Send your entry to marketing@fireco.uk

We’ll announce the winners on Twitter or notify you by email.

Life-saving technology

Dorgard SmartSound holds your fire doors open legally and safely, releasing them to close when the fire alarm sounds. It has improved noise recognition with SmartSound technology, so can distinguish between your fire alarm and common background noises, such as vacuum cleaners.

Legally holding your fire door open protects it from damage and prolongs its life. As the door is automatically released when the alarm sounds, the spread of fire and smoke is prevented.

Fire Door Safety Week runs from the 24th to the 30th September 2018. It raises awareness of the critical role of fire doors, particularly of the importance of good installation and maintenance. Building owners and users should check the operation and condition of their fire doors and report those that are unsatisfactory.

Click here for more information on Fire Door Safety Week.

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