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Dorgard SmartSound Frequently Asked Questions

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Dorgard SmartSound is dragging on my carpet, is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Yes, Dorgard SmartSound has a feature to stop this happening. To set it up, push the plunger down and manually release it five times in one minute. When this anti-drag feature has been set correctly, your unit will beep once.

Once you’ve done this, the door will automatically release if someone tries to drag it.

Why does Dorgard SmartSound release when I move the door?

The carpet safe feature means the plunger cannot be dragged across your floors.

How do I close the door when it is held open with Dorgard SmartSound?

To manually close the door, either push the door backwards, use your foot to pull the plunger up, or move the door to activate the carpet safe feature.

Will Dorgard SmartSound work with my fire alarm?

Yes. SmartSound technology means it knows the sound of your fire alarm without any programming.

Will Dorgard SmartSound work with my voice alarm?

Yes. Most voice alarms have a tone which sounds for 3-8 seconds prior to the voice evacuation message. Dorgard SmartSound will recognise this tone and close the door.

Where are the batteries in my Dorgard SmartSound?

They are already inserted in the battery compartment to the right of the plunger.

How long will the batteries last?

Three years

Why is my Dorgard SmartSound not holding the fire door in an open position?

Check the plunger is pushed down and the battery compartment is closed. Also check that the Dorgard SmartSound is installed on the side of the door that closes into the door frame.

What noises does Dorgard SmartSound go off to?

Dorgard SmartSound is only listening for the sound of your fire alarm. Dorgard SmartSound is great at understanding the difference between your fire alarm and general noise and cannot be activated by vacuum cleaners, washing machines, loud voices or other common background noises.

In environments with extreme levels of background noise, such as sports stadiums or music venues, the noise levels may be high enough to completely drown out the sound of a fire alarm. In these environments, Dorgard SmartSound knows it would not hear the alarm and will close the doors.

If you have a building with very high levels of background noise, Dorgard Pro is the ideal solution. Dorgard Pro is activated by radio signal, completely eliminating the possibility of noise interference.


What do the lights on Dorgard SmartSound mean?


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