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Dorgard Frequently Asked Questions

Click below to find the answers to frequently asked questions.

If there’s anything else you need help with, please visit our user documents page or contact us.

Why is my Dorgard beeping?

If your Dorgard is beeping it means it has a fault. Below are the two most common beep patterns indicating common faults.

If you’re still unsure, please contact our customer service team and we’ll be happy to help.


This tone means the batteries are low. Try replacing the batteries. If the beeping continues, contact our customer service team.


This tone means there is a problem with the plunger and its contact with the floor.


Common fixes for this tone include:

  • Check the rubber foot is not worn away and in need of replacement. If it needs replacing, contact us as we can supply replacements.
  • If you are using a floorplate, check the the rubber foot fits snugly into the floorplate
  • Check that the rubber foot is making contact with the floor. If the Dorgard has been installed too high up on the door, it will be unable to connect with the floor.


Will Dorgard cause the doors to close when our school bell rings?
Dorgard will verify the fire alarm over a 14-second period and then release the fire door. If your fire alarm sounds the same as your school bell, providing the school bell doesn’t ring for more than 14 seconds, your Dorgards won’t release.
Should I use a particular type of battery and can I use rechargeable ones?
Rechargeable batteries are not to be used. Duracell Pro-cell LR14 batteries are recommended. Contact your supplier or we can supply batteries, just contact us.
One of my Dorgards is releasing to no apparent sound. What could the problem be?

This could be a plunger issue. Sometimes the plunger will release if it doesn’t have good purchase with the ground or floorplate. Check the Dorgard has been installed properly and the rubber foot is not worn. We can supply new rubber feet if required, just contact our customer service team.

If it is not a plunger issue, the sensitivity may need to be adjusted. To adjust the sensitivity, refer to your fitting and operating guide or call our customer service team. They are happy to help.

Why is the door creeping closed when the Dorgard plunger is pressed down fully?
Does the rubber foot makes contact with the floor when the plunger is pushed down? If not, try repositioning the Dorgard on the door or fit the floorplate supplied. If the floor is a bit slippery, fit the floorplate so the rubber foot stays in contact with the floor.
Why is my Dorgard not holding the fire door in an open position?
Check the plunger is pushed down and the battery compartment is closed. Also check that the Dorgard is installed on the side of the door that closes into the door frame.
How long is the warranty for Dorgard?
24 months.

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