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Dorgard Combats Coronavirus
Door handles are infection hot spots and we commonly touch them many times a day. We all want to do the best we can to keep everybody safe, so fire doors should normally be kept closed. The spread of fire in a building is potentially more life threatening than the Covid19 pandemic that is sweeping the globe. This means that wedging fire doors open is not an option.

A local hospital contacted us at Fireco as the manufacturers of Dorgard and Freedor. They had a problem with the entrance to the pathology lab where they have been conducting Covid19 testing. They were fighting with the fire doors, having to remove gloves and wash hands each time they went in or out of the lab. The doors are now held open and they are free to work more efficiently, safe in the knowledge that the doors will shut automatically if the fire alarm sounds.

Dorgard is easy to fit. Four screws and four minutes and it’s done. If you are touching fire doors where you work – follow the link – buy one and try it.

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