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DMS Frequently Asked Questions

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What does DMS stand for?
DMS stands for Digital Messaging Service. When first brought to market, it was Deaf Message Service but we have since identified that it is useful for many different types of situations, including alerting deaf and hard of hearing people when a fire alarm sounds which was its original purpose.
Will we need to buy pagers to use DMS?
There is no requirement to purchase additional handsets. DMS uses what 95% of the population already have in their pocket; a mobile phone.
Do I need an OFCOM license for DMS?
No, an OFCOM licence is not required to operate DMS.
What standards does DMS comply with?
There are no specific British or European standards for equipment like DMS. The closest we have found is BS5839 which looks at fire alarm installation and maintenance. This gives some guidance, all of which DMS complies with.
Can DMS be used for other purposes?
DMS can be used to notify subscribers of any event, be it a fault on an air conditioning system, an escaped animal from its enclosure, power loss from a distribution board or anything in between. If there are a set of contacts and a power supply, DMS can tell you when any event happens.
Can I choose my own alerts for DMS?
Yes, you can set up whatever message alert you wish DMS to send.

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