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Staff carry out quicker evacuations and reduce false alarms with DMS

“It’s very simple and easy to use but highly effective in keeping our staff and visitors safe.”

The British Medical Association 

The British Medical Association (BMA) is the trade union and professional body for doctors in the UK, established to look after their professional and personal needs.

The BMA has 150,000 members throughout the UK, all of whom have access to expert advice to help with a wide range of employment-related issues.

The problem

Patrick Reed is Head of Security at the BMA and is responsible for fire protection and health and safety at its head office in London.

When the building’s fire alarm was triggered, the BMA’s alarm system provided a six-minute window for 15 key staff to identify whether or not there was a fire. This was designed to minimise false alarms and unnecessary evacuation of the whole building.

Unfortunately this process was very time-consuming as security staff needed to individually contact all 15 key staff members to advise them to investigate. Patrick sought a more efficient alternative.

Patrick said: “The problem with our fire protection system was that precious time was wasted in the event of a fire. We needed a system that would alert everyone at the same time, cutting out the time taken to contact everyone individually.”

The solution

The BMA looked for a safe solution that would enable quicker investigation. Digital Messaging Service (DMS) was found to be ideal. DMS is an alarm notification system which automatically alerts people via a SMS text message to their own mobile phone when the fire alarm triggers and is easily installed into an existing fire alarm panel.

Patrick said: “DMS enables all our key staff involved in the evacuation to immediately start investigation as everyone is notified at the same time. There is no time wasted while we wait for security staff to be notified, and then subsequently contact the 15 key members of staff.”

“With more time for staff to check what triggered the alarm, false alarms are reduced. If it is established that there is no fire, the alarm can be reset before it sounds.”

DMS is a versatile system. It is invaluable for deaf or hard of hearing people as they can be notified when an alarm sounds. It is also very useful for us to be able to alert as many people as we need to, all at once, in an emergency.”

The outcome

  • A more efficient alarm system
  • Reduces false alarms
  • A safer environment for all of the building’s users.

Patrick said: “It’s very simple and easy to use but highly effective in keeping our staff and visitors safe. It’s unobtrusive, was installed in only a day and Fireco always provides great customer service. I would recommend DMS to other organisations that need an immediacy of alert in place.”

Fireco has solutions to hold fire doors open legally and safely
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