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More independence for residents at LWPHomes

“Dorgard is an easy and cost-effective solution which keeps our residents safe.“

The Leaders of Worship & Preachers Homes (LWPHomes)

The Leaders of Worship & Preachers Homes (LWPHomes) is a not-for-profit organisation. The group aims to give the best residential care for those in need to help them towards independent living.

They have four homes, located in Minehead, Westcliff on Sea, Grange-over-Sands and Woodhall Spa. All offer an excellent quality of life in an environment of Christian family values.

Heavy fire doors took away freedom

Simon Lee, Operations Manager at LWPHomes, found that the bedroom fire doors were causing issues as they were a struggle to deal with. “The main problem was that the fire doors were very heavy. A lot of our residents have poor mobility and are aided with walking sticks, frames and wheelchairs. The staff had to open the doors for them and take them back to their rooms which took away some of their freedom.”

LWPHomes looked for something that would help with access whilst ensuring safety in the event of a fire. “We have 25 bedrooms in each of the homes. We looked for a solution to keep residents’ bedroom doors open if they wished so they could go in and out of their rooms freely.”

A fire-safe solution with no wires

The homes were already using wired-in door closers in the kitchen areas. But Simon required something different for the bedrooms. “We wanted a more cost-effective solution so we chose wire-free. With a wired-in product we would have had to have a new fire alarm system installed. This would have meant a lot of upheaval and redecorating and it would have been much more expensive. It would also have been extremely disruptive for staff and residents.”

Simon contacted Fireco and found Dorgard was the best option for the homes, “Dorgard is an easy and cost-effective solution which keeps our residents safe.”

The benefits

After installing Dorgard units on every bedroom door across the four homes, the advantages for the residents was seen immediately. “The benefits have been immeasurable. Our residents can come out of their rooms without fear of the doors closing on them. It has increased their independence and we no longer have to tell them to keep their doors closed. It’s been really good for them as they can come and go as they please.”

Simon said: “It has cut down on the staff’s workload as they no longer need to walk residents to their rooms to open the doors. They can now spend more time on the more important issues and providing the best care possible.”

Professional and efficient service 

“We are very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the engineers that installed Dorgard. It took only half a day in each home to fit the units. They checked them before they left and there was no disruption to our day. We’ve had no problems since they were installed and they all work perfectly.”

Simon continued: “I highly recommend Fireco and Dorgard. The professionalism of the company is second to none.”

Fireco has solutions to hold fire doors open legally and safely

Why is compartmentation so important?

It takes seconds for a fire to spread through a hole the size of a pen nib. Compartmentation is a way to keep a fire contained in one place, preventing fire and smoke from spreading quickly and taking over the building.

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