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Freedor reduces disruption and improves access in school

“I came across Freedor and found it suited our needs perfectly. Everyone can walk through the corridors easily and there is no longer disruption from noisy doors.”

Newport Junior School

Newport Junior School in Aldershot is based in an old Victorian building known for its unique character. The school has 300 pupils aged seven to 11 and its mission is to help all students develop and achieve their full potential.

The problem

Simon Kellett, Site Manager at Newport Junior School, organises projects for the school, hires contractors to carry out site work and deals with health and safety by ensuring the school complies with regulations.

Simon found that the fire doors were causing problems for pupils walking to class. He said: “On the school premises we have fire doors which open to the corridor that are adjacent to the classrooms. As it is a high traffic route, the doors were constantly being opened. This led to the problem of loud noise from doors being slammed and kicked open, causing disruption and damage. To try and ease these issues, fire doors were being wedged open.”

The solution

Simon looked for a solution to resolve this: “I searched online for a product that would allow everyone to walk through freely, remove the problem of slamming doors and maintain compliance. I came across Freedor and found it suited our needs perfectly. Everyone can walk through the corridors easily and there is no longer disruption from noisy doors.”

Freedor is an overhead door closer that makes opening a heavy fire door effortless and closes the door on the sound of the alarm.

The outcome

  • Easy access with no disruption or damage
  • Maintains compliance
  • Reassurance of safety in case of a fire.

Simon has seen many benefits from Freedor as a solution. He said: “I am also the Fire Safety Coordinator and I look for solutions that maintain compliance, Freedor fits perfectly with this. There’s no heavy door now, just gentle resistance so the doors can be opened and closed easily. Freedor is transom-mounted, so out of reach of potential interference by little fingers and feet, which is also very reassuring.”

“The installation was painless and the service is fantastic. If there is an issue it’s resolved straight away. Our Account Manager Alastair is always on the end of the phone ready to answer any questions. I test the products each week and they always work 100%. Freedor does what it says on the tin — it’s not disruptive, is easier to use than other door products and gives us reassurance that fire doors will close in the event of a fire. Freedor fits the bill.”

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