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How Risk Assessment Solutions increased profits

“They hold fire doors open safely which keeps air circulating in the properties and makes access easier.”

Risk Assessment Solutions Ltd

Risk Assessment Solutions Ltd is a Health and Safety Consultancy and Fire Risk Assessor. Risk Assessment Solutions Ltd helps its customers identify any health and safety issues and advises on the most suitable safety solutions.

Fire doors proved to be a hindrance

Ken Birch, Health and Safety Consultant for Risk Assessment Solutions Ltd, found that his customers were having problems with heavy fire doors. He said: “It was a common occurrence that interior fire doors were being wedged open to make access easier. The main entrance fire doors were being opened and closed hundreds of times a day and, as a result, were becoming damaged.”

The ideal solution

Ken continued: “We met Fireco at a Health and Safety show at the NEC. The team showed us Dorgard, and we thought it would be the ideal solution as it keeps fire doors open safely. We formed a Service Level Agreement and started to install Dorgard ourselves.”

Dorgard holds fire doors open. The wireless device continually listens for the sound of the alarm and automatically releases the doors to close in the event of a fire.

The outcome

  • Established and ongoing demand of Dorgard
  • Risk Assessment Solutions Ltd is providing a solution to help their customers with their fire doors
  • Reliable partnership with Fireco.

Dorgard has shown to be a profitable product for Risk Assessment Solutions. Ken said: “We have installed Dorgard in a number of nursing and residential care homes. The benefits to the residents are numerous: they hold fire doors open safely which keeps air circulating in the properties and makes access easier. The product has brought in more work and sales, and if I see a wedged fire door I recommend Dorgard. The install is quick and easy, I didn’t need any specific training as it was just common sense.”

“There is always support from Fireco, the team are very helpful and I recommend them.”

Complying with the relevant British and European standards, Dorgard is an ideal solution to the common problem of wedged open fire doors.

Fireco has solutions to hold fire doors open legally and safely

Dorgard Pro: Homework Done

Twenty-four years ago we invented Dorgard, the very first hold-open fire door device to close automatically on the sound of the alarm. We continue to innovate, listening to our customers and learning what they need and what works.

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Why are installers choosing to work with Fireco?

Fire doors are a crucial part of fire protection and are the first line of defence when a fire breaks out. They prevent fire and smoke spreading throughout the building, saving lives and property. There are three million new fire doors bought and installed...

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