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Dorgard provides greater accessibility for staff and pupils

“Since we’ve had Dorgard, we fully conform to fire regulations. It gives much more clearance through the corridor for pupils to pass through so there is always easy movement for everyone.”

Randley Primary School

Randley Primary School welcomes children, their parents and carers into a friendly, happy and hardworking environment where staff are committed to helping every child reach their full potential. Located in Telford, Shropshire, the school has 400 pupils.

The problem

Following a recent fire inspection, it was suggested to Bromley Jones, Head Teacher, that an alternative and safer means of keeping fire doors open would be more practical and ensure the school stays compliant.

Bromley said: “We had a fire survey a few years ago and it was suggested that we install something that kept our fire doors open automatically instead of using wedges and cardboard. We did some research and found Dorgard.”

The solution

Dorgard is a wireless fire door retainer which holds fire doors open. The unit continually listens for the sound of the alarm and once verified, will automatically release the door to close. It enables greater accessibility and complies with fire regulations. Bromley found that the Dorgard unit helped his school with easier accessibility, ventilation and compliance.


“There are 400 children in our school, and with long corridors it can get quite hot. We obviously open the windows, but having Dorgard on our fire doors helps fresh air to circulate.”

“Since installing Dorgard we fully conform to fire regulations and there is much more space through the corridor so pupils can move about more easily. The fire doors are fully opened against the wall now and stay there. Dorgard makes life easier for everyone.”

The outcome

  • The school complies with regulations — no more wedging doors open
  • Easier access throughout the school
  • Improved ventilation.

Bromley continued: “We have had four surveys since Dorgard was installed and each time the Fire Officer has praised us for having the units. They said having automatic door closers is ‘excellent practice’.”

“We now have a Dorgard on every fire door. Fireco has provided a superb service from the day I placed the order through to delivery. Our caretaker finds them straightforward to fit so installation causes no disruption to the school day. I have recommended them to other colleagues and would recommend them to anybody.”

Fireco has solutions to hold fire doors open legally and safely

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