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Youth centre doors are always open

“Dorgard allows everyone to move around the centre at ease, without placing anyone, or the property at risk.”

Portland Youth Christian Outreach

Located on the Isle of Portland, Dorset, Portland Youth Christian Outreach (PYCO) is a small registered charity that works with young people and is run entirely by volunteers. PYCO works with a large number of young people through its two main projects: The Open Arms, a youth drop-in centre, and street based youth work — working with young people at risk of engaging in antisocial and risk-taking behaviour.

The problem

Following a recent in-house risk assessment at The Open Arms, PYCO identified that there were insufficient measures in place to protect against the spread of fire.

Zach Williams, Operations Manager, said: “Fire doors were often wedged open as this was the only way that people could easily move around the centre and staff could monitor what was happening in other rooms”.

The charity sought a solution that didn’t compromise on safety, but would allow fire doors to be kept open so that everyone could walk around freely.

The solution

PYCO required a product that would allow fire doors to be kept open, improve accessibility and ensure that the centre remained compliant.

Zach said: “We had seen Dorgard and knew it would be the ideal solution to the issue of wedging doors open.”

Dorgard is a fire door retainer which keeps fire doors open and releases them to close on the sound of the alarm.

The outcome

  • Better accessibility throughout the centre
  • Improved safety
  • Compliant with fire regulations

Zach continued: “Since Dorgard has been installed we are able to walk through the building freely without the barrier of heavy fire doors. Dorgard allows fire doors to be kept open safely while keeping the centre compliant with fire regulations.”

“Fire doors make a real difference in protecting property, so these devices have made a great improvement to the safety of our building and all users. It allows everyone to move around the centre with ease, without placing anyone, or the property, at risk. We really appreciate the support of Fireco.”

Complying with the relevant British and European standards, Dorgard is an ideal solution to the common problem of wedged open fire doors.

Fireco has solutions to hold fire doors open legally and safely

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