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Dorgard brings in more business for CheckFire’s installer base 

“Working with Fireco is very good, there are no problems at all. It’s an easy and efficient partnership and our deliveries are always on time.”


Established in 1975, CheckFire Ltd is a wholesaler which sells an extensive supply of fire protection products and solutions. These include fire extinguishers, evacuation signs and fire door retainers. CheckFire has a proven track record of delivering quality and trusted products to its customers.

Trusted solutions for installers

Cameron Robins, Buyer at CheckFire, supplies fire safety solutions to their customers, including Dorgard, the hold-open fire door retainer. Cameron said: “We wholesale fire protection equipment. I look after the purchasing and make sure that we have the most trusted products available on the market for our customers.”

The recommended choice

“Our main customer base is installers, mainly independent tradesmen who work in smaller fire protection companies,” Cameron continued. “We often find that installers’ customers have had Dorgard recommended following a routine fire inspection, so they come to us to purchase and fit that solution. We have successfully been selling Dorgard to our customers now for a number of years as the demand is there.”

“There are loads of advantages to this product — it provides easy access and allow people to be independent as they don’t have to call for help or assistance to open the doors.”

The outcome

  • Demand for Dorgard established for CheckFire’s installer customer base
  • Reliable partnership with Fireco

Dorgard has proved to be a profitable product for CheckFire and its customers. Cameron said: “Since we started selling Dorgard there has been increased demand from our installers requesting to purchase more for their customers. We have a trusted relationship with our installer customer base. As we consistently have a good quantity of Dorgard in stock, they are always able to buy from us, which is fantastic.”

“Working with Fireco is very good, there are no problems at all. It’s an easy and efficient partnership and our deliveries are always on time. Our Account Manager is always helpful and answers any queries quickly. We’re very happy with Fireco.”

Complying with the relevant British and European standards, Dorgard is an ideal solution to the common problem of wedged open fire doors.

Fireco has solutions to hold fire doors open legally and safely
Dorgard Pro: Homework Done

Dorgard Pro: Homework Done

Twenty-four years ago we invented Dorgard, the very first hold-open fire door device to close automatically on the sound of the alarm. We continue to innovate, listening to our customers and learning what they need and what works.

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