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Business booming for fire safety supplier

 “The Deafgard unit provides our hotel customers with a reliable solution that ensures deaf and hard of hearing guests will be alerted if a fire breaks out.”

The Safety Centre

The Safety Centre specialises in supplying, installing and maintaining safety systems. It has a wide range of products and services including fire alarms, fire extinguishers and risk assessments. The Safety Centre specialises in recommending quality products for its loyal customer base.

Supplying a trusted solution for the deaf and hard of hearing

Babette Potter, Sales Administrator at The Safety Centre, advises on fire safety solutions, including Deafgard, a portable device which alerts people in an emergency. Babette said: “We send out quotations, put through orders and give advice on what is most suitable for our customers’ requirements.”

The reliable choice for hotels

The Safety Centre found hotels were looking for a fire safety product that complied with regulations and provided reassurance and independence to their deaf and hard of hearing guests. There are nine million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK, so there is a real need for deaf assistance solutions to open up more inclusive facilities and improve fire safety standards.

Babette said: “Most of our Deafgard customers are hotels. The owners and maintenance staff commonly require a solution to accommodate guests who are deaf or hard of hearing. We have been selling Deafgard for years as it’s reliable and easy to use, and helps hotels comply with the Equality Act 2010.”

Deafgard is a portable wireless device which alerts people in an emergency. It works by placing the vibration pad underneath the sleeping person’s pillow or mattress. The pad vibrates on the sound of the alarm and awakens the person, so they can quickly get to safety without extra assistance or intrusion.

The outcome

  • Established demand of Deafgard from The Safety Centre’s customer base
  • Beneficial working relationship with Fireco.

Deafgard has proven to be a profitable, simple and popular product for The Safety Centre. Babette said: “The Deafgard unit provides our hotel customers with a reliable solution that ensures deaf and hard of hearing guests will be alerted if a fire breaks out. There is a continuous and steady demand from our customers and the feedback they give us is that Deafgard is straightforward, easy to use and gives their guests freedom.”

“The working relationship with Fireco is consistently reliable. We receive all deliveries quickly and I can always call my Account Manager if I need to ask any questions or find out more information. It’s very rare that there is an issue, but we know that if there is they will sort it out and assist straight away. I definitely recommend Fireco.”

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