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Five fire safety fails

Wedging open fire doors poses a huge risk in the event of a fire as it allows fire and smoke to spread rapidly throughout the building. To avoid a heavy fine or a fire at your residence, here are a few safety fails to which other premises have fallen victim!

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How fresh air creates happier classrooms

Did you know that children breathe more air than adults? That means they are more likely to be affected by any contaminants in the air. School pupils can feel tired and unwell if there isn’t enough fresh air coming into the classroom.

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What’s the secret to happier staff and guests?

A lack of fresh air increases air pollutants which can lead to headaches, fatigue and eye and throat irritation. Clearly, this is undesirable for guests and staff. Fresh air prevents pollutants and reduces the risk of guests and staff feeling groggy, hot and unwell.

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Why are installers choosing Freedor?

Fire doors are a crucial part of fire protection and are the first line of defence when a fire breaks out. They prevent fire and smoke spreading throughout the building, saving lives and property. There are three million new fire doors bought and installed every year in the UK.

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Are your students alert and happy or plain drowsy?

One of the major concerns on what impacts children’s performance in education is their school environment. Adequate indoor air quality depends on effective ventilation which provides cool, clean air and removes the build-up of pollutants.

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Are you allergic to your work?

In 2013/14, an estimated 1.2 million people in the UK suffered from an illness they believed was caused by work. You wake up in the morning, you feel well. You get to work and you sneeze and cough all day. Do you ever feel like your place of work is making you ill?

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Is your hotel fresh and airy or hot and stuffy?

In hotels, one of the most common complaints are rooms that are too hot with windows that can’t be opened, warm and stuffy communal areas especially when the weather is very hot outside. Is air conditioning enough to keep the air fresh and to keep your hotel comfortable?

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What does your care home feel like?

The average person consumes 2kg of food and water and breathes out approximately 1,200 litres of carbon dioxide every day. With that in mind — how does that then affect the air quality of where we spend a lot of our time and how important is ventilation?

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Care home ordered to pay £170k for fatal fire

A London care home has been ordered to pay more than £170,000 in fines and costs following a fire that killed an elderly resident. Woolwich Crown Court heard that the incident took place at Rose Court care home in Bermondsey on 26 March 2010.

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